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Slingball NightFlight



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The classic game of catch has gotten a double twist with the Slingball Night Flight. By day, launch your Slingball as far as you can and watch your partner catch it with the racquet. By night, enjoy watching the Slingball and racquet light up the dark for even more hours of outdoor fun!

The Slingball Night Flight comes with two netted racquets made of durable plastic plus two bouncy light-up balls. Each SlingBall is fitted with an attached SlingBand that helps you catapult the durable orb.

To play, slip the SlingBand onto the hook at the top of the racquet, pull it back, and fire up to 100 feet! Watch your partner catch the flashing ball with their racquet and launch it back to you. For nighttime action, flip the switch on the racquet handle to the on position. To light up the ball, just give it a bounce and light up the night!

  • motion-activated, light-up game of catch
  • Includes two racquets and two Slingballs
  • Racquet dimensions (approx.): 16.5" x 7.5" (41.9 cm x 19 cm)
  • Ball diameter: 2.5" (6.35 cm)
  • Sling it up to 100 ft (achievable after a short learning period)