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Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Ultimate Stunts



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The Ultimate Stunt Set by MindWare features every stunt in the Q-BA-MAZE arsenal plus three exciting additions - the spiral sphere, quad-exit cubes, and marble catchers. Get your imagination rolling faster and further than ever imagined. Build, bounce, adjust angles, fine-tune turns, and experiment with cause and effect to see what kind of zany, zigzagging action is possible! Part art and part science, the full spectrum of colors and a complete range of stunts allow for endless construction possibilities in both form and function.

Watch in awe as marbles fly through the quad-exit cubes at random and swirl through the teal spiral sphere. Say goodbye to those wild runaway marbles, the marble catcher attachments neatly collect marbles at the bottom so you're able to quickly grab them and start the fun over again! Use your critical thinking skills to stack and interlock the translucent pieces in a way that creates an advanced marble maze that keeps everyone, including yourself, guessing! Building the ultimate maze is only half of the fun; grab your friends for a marble race-off! Expand your hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning skills with every roll, twist and turn - all while having a blast!

2 coaster tubes
1 pivot trampoline
2 cascade stilts
1 marble vortex
2 universal connectors
1 roto catcher
1 speed sprocket
1 spiral sphere
76 single-exit cubes
38 bottom-exit cubes
38 double-exit cubes
4 quad-exit cubes
8 marble catchers
30 marbles
1 instruction booklet