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Mini Scratch & Scribble Funtast



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  • A WORLD OF COLOR AND FUN - Scratch away the black surface to reveal a rainbow world of color underneath with the Scratch and Scribble scratch art set! These art sets for kids will add some fun and fuel your child's imagination.
  • GUIDED ILLUSTRATIONS - It’s easy to create incredible works of art with the guided illustrations. These art sets are super easy for kids to follow.
  • LIMITLESS CREATIONS - Creating art designs is not limited to what's inside each art kit set. You can use other items to scratch. Try using a comb, coin, or anything hard to create a different pattern or texture. Use your imagination and scratch away!
  • FUN TO FRAME OR PLAY WITH - These kids art sets are 5.8” x 8.3” in size. There are 2 sparkled scratch cards and 2 rainbow scratch cards with no guide lines on them, letting you scratch your own design.
  • FUN AND EXCITING DESIGNS - Each art set for kids has 4 illustrated Scratch and Scribble cards and an included scratching tool! Pick from fun and exciting designs, including: Fantastic Dragons, Magical Unicorns, Monster Pals, Space Dogs, Ocean Life, and Colorful Safari!