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Magic Puffy Pens



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  • 3D ART: These incredible pens create magical art like you’ve never experienced before. Draw with your Magic Puffy Pens, let dry, and add heat from a hair dryer and you’ve got incredible 3D Art.
  • CREATIVITY: Make all sorts of amazing 3D creations with these special set of pens. Create any kind design, and watch it transform with heat. Magic Puffy Pens are great for unique art projects, customizing greeting cards, making your coloring books really stand out and so much more.
  • OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS: Magic Puffy Pens comes with 6 neon color pens. With these bright colors, transform any art project to a unique 3D masterpiece.
  • MAGIC INK: It's all in the magic ink; just draw with your Magic Puffy Pens, let dry and add heat from a hair dryer and you've got incredible 3D art.