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Green Powered Grand Prix



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  • Simulation design - This toy set is designed using the working principle of a helicopter. It looks beautiful and comes with a display box. Fold the inner box and place the toy on top of the display box, which makes a beautiful decoration.
  • Fun - The main body of the toy is made of a piece of cardboard so that the toy will not get deformed during the falling process. The toy is also equipped with high - quality rubber bands so that the plane can fly higher. Children get pleasure from playing, which enhances their ability to think independently.
  • Problem solving - Improve children's practical skills, exercise their ability to solve problems independently, let them think independently.
  • Share - Organise a helicopter race for the children to see who can fly high and really well. At the same time, let them think how to fly even higher. Record the altitude of each flight and see what is the average.
  • TOGO - Colourful toys are very appealing to children. This toy is easy to carry, and suitable for playing at the airport or at home. Take this toy with you and let the children enjoy the journey.